Pacific Salt and Pumice Handmade Soap

Pacific Salt and Pumice Handmade Soap

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Pacific Salt and Pumice Handmade Soap is scented with a a fragrance oil with musky notes of a warm amber and bourbon blended with all-natural pure peppermint essential oil and menthol crystals for a truly uniquely scented masculine soap! With the addition of Bentonite clay, salt and pumice this is a very manly gritty soap. Bentonite clay helps naturally cleanse and unclog pores and we added rich avocado oil for added moisturizing that helps balance out the exfoliating nature of the pumice, salt and Bentonite clay that gives this soap it's characteristic grit. Great for men who need to get out ground in dirt and oils from hands or even the body if you can stand the grit!


Scent derived from pure natural essential oils, menthol and fragrance oil
Sustainable Palm Oil and moisturizing shea butter plus added avocado oil
Exfoliating with pumice, salt and Bentonite clay
Great for unclogging pores, getting out ground in dirt on hands and more!
Completely vegan!

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Pumice, Fragrance Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Bentonite Clay, Salt, Menthol, Ultramarines, Iron Oxide.

Made in USA. Never animal tested! Vegan. Paraben Free. Sulfate Free. Contains Pumice.

To Use 

When in use, soap should be kept on a soap dish or soap saver pouch.